Thieves Steal 400 Bulletproof Vests Headed To Ukraine

( )- The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office in Long Island, NY, donated roughly 400 bullet-proof vests earmarked for humanitarian workers in Ukraine. Sadly, though, the vests were stolen before they could even reach the war-torn European country.

The vests, stored in a hallway in a Manhattan-based nonprofit, could be seen by passersby, and surveillance footage shows that a gang of thieves, in three separate vans, took advantage of this vulnerability.

At 9:19 am, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America’s headquarters had its door forced open at 203 Second Avenue near 12th Street in the East Village. The vests were loaded, casually, into three vans and carted away.

A UCCA spokesman, Andrji Dobriansky, said this act depressed the community. These vests are used by humanitarian workers and medics, typically defenseless people who put their lives in peril to save others.

“It is despicable that someone would break into a building and steal supplies and materials intended to aid those affected by this humanitarian crisis,” a spokesperson for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Post.

The Ukrainian people living in the New York area already felt disenfranchised and powerless while watching the invasion of their homeland, and then this happened. Many could be found in a church, praying.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now entered its fourth week. Russian troops are resorting to “dumb” bombs without tracking features after using up most of its war chest of guided missiles, and reports even suggest that Russian troops are running out of food.

Now is a crucial time for the Ukrainian military as its troops fight off Russian soldiers in multiple major population centers, including in its capital city of Kiev. Those supplies could have had a considerable impact on the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians alike.

God help the thief that could do something as callous and despicable as this.