They Want To Put A Gag Order On Peter Navarro

( )- This week, a DC judge issued a partial gag order against former White House trade advisor Peter Navarro ahead of his June 17 arraignment.

Navarro, who was arrested by the FBI and hauled off in handcuffs after being indicted for contempt of Congress, had requested a 45-day stay on the charge last week but US District Judge Amit Mehta denied his request. The judge also hit Navarro with a partial gag order restricting him from discussing the government’s evidence in the case.

In his ruling on Monday, Mehta wrote that the court won’t delay the June 17 arraignment and status conference, claiming “the public interest weighs in favor of moving this case forward.” Of the gag order, Mehta explained that it isn’t a “gag” order. Navarro is just restricted from speaking to the media about the evidence. Navarro will be free to make public statements about the proceedings, limiting only his “use of discovery materials produced by the government.”

Navarro was arrested just days after he filed a lawsuit against the January 6 select committee and a federal prosecutor to block the subpoena ordering him to testify and turn over communications between him and former President Trump.

In a recent interview on Newsmax, Navarro said that he planned to use the sales from his upcoming book as his “legal defense fund.” Navarro told Newsmax host Eric Bolling that he’s been told his legal fees could be as much as a million dollars or more.

Navarro also blasted the FBI for his staged arrest at the airport, pointing out that he lives across the street from the FBI building.

Navarro has recounted his arrest in multiple interviews. Unlike most people charged with procedural crimes, Navarro was not given the chance to voluntarily surrender. Instead, he was arrested, put in leg irons, and placed in a jail cell where he waited as the FBI leaked his arrest to the media.

Nothing about the judge’s gag order will prevent Navarro from continuing to talk to the media about his arrest.