These Toxic Spices Found To Contain Heavy Metals

( )- A report reveals that four court cases have been launched in the last two years because popular herb and spice brands were found to have excessive amounts of dangerous heavy metals. 

Consumer Reports (CR) published a full report on the issue in 2021. 

But the products are still widely available at discount retailers, and the FDA has not established safety standards for heavy metals in dried herbs and spices.

Forty of the goods analyzed had average cadmium, lead, and arsenic levels high enough to cause health concerns when ingested on a regular basis by youngsters, with most also generating concerns when consumed by adults.

After the report’s release, the first big brand to be sued in a class action complaint was McCormick & Company, Inc. The lawsuit was initiated in 2022’s January. According to the lawsuit, the defendant concealed the fact that some of its spices had unsafe amounts of harmful heavy metals from its customers.

There were concerns about the presence of lead, arsenic, and cadmium in McCormick’s Ground Ginger, Culinary Ground Basil, Ground Oregano, Paprika, Ground Turmeric, and Ground Thyme.

McCormick assured Consumer Reports that it conducted heavy-metal testing of its goods at its factories.

A report shows class action lawsuits against’s “Happy Belly brand” of food goods were filed in March 2022, followed by a lawsuit against Walmart Inc.’s “Great Value” brand of herbs and spices in June 2022.

In both cases, plaintiffs claim that the defendants failed to adequately warn customers about the presence of hazardous heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, and cadmium, in the spices that were sold to them.

In August 2022, a class action lawsuit was filed against Whole Foods Market, Inc., and, Inc. claiming that the corporations had misled customers by concealing the presence of lead, arsenic, and cadmium in a variety of Whole Foods Market herbs and spices.

Although the Food and Drug Administration must ensure the safety of herbs and spices, customers have no such assurance in the absence of a restriction on heavy metals.