There’s A New “Battlefield” In The Fight Against China

( )- Artificial intelligence may be one of the greatest cybersecurity threats to the United States, according to an op-ed from Just the News.

According to a 2021 article in the Harvard Business Review, China is emerging as the global leader in artificial intelligence. In his op-ed at Just the News, John Mac Ghlionn argues that the United States has to remain vigilant to win what former FBI official Jim DiOrio calls “the battlefield of the future.” DiOrio described artificial intelligence and quantum computing as “the new space race.”

Mac Ghlionn warns that US companies are playing a “significant role” in China’s supremacy in artificial intelligence.

According to a report from Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, between 2015 and 2021, over 160 US companies made over 400 investments involving Chinese artificial intelligence.

In the Georgetown report, the authors warn that currently, the federal government is not equipped to “effectively monitor, measure, or regulate outbound investment flows to Chinese AI companies.”

Jim DiOrio told Mac Ghlionn that US venture capital firms must “do a better job performing their due diligence.” He said it is “no secret” that the Chinese Communist Party “is alive and well in every aspect” of the American corporate structure and academia, and it will “continue to steal intellectual property globally,” utilizing it to strengthen its standing.

According to Mac Ghlionn, the Biden administration will be issuing an order barring some US investments in the Chinese tech industry.

Reuters reported last week that the Biden administration launched a partnership with India to help both countries compete with China on military equipment, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.

The administration wants to boost the number of Western mobile phone networks in the Asian subcontinent to counter Huawei Technologies while bringing more Indian computer chip specialists to the United States while encouraging US and Indian companies to collaborate on military equipment like artillery systems.