The View’ Host Says GOP May Be Responsible For Hamas Attack

Sara Haines, a co-host on The View, recently shared her concern that disagreements inside the Republican Party over who should be the next speaker of the House could hurt America’s international standing. She speculated that this vulnerability encouraged Hamas to launch terrorist attacks against Israel.

Haines warned her co-hosts that the world appeared to collapse, and the United States was seen as a global punching bag. Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin were spotted nodding in accord, prompting a “right” from Joy Behar.

Haines says the right, not the pro-Hamas side, is spreading false information about the conflict.

She said perspective hits you like a brick wall. After the terrorist assault on Saturday, she thought, this division welcomes adversaries in. As a result, she says, a lot of false information is being circulated throughout the internet right now, and she and her coworkers joked that they should consider cutting back on their news consumption. She said if the Republicans in the House want some perspective, she suggests they start watching more news.

Democrats last week backed a resolution by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from office. On Wednesday, Republicans in the House voted 113-99 to nominate Steve Scalise (R-LA) to replace McCarthy.

Behar implied that Putin, the Russian president, is feeling more confident after McCarthy’s dismissal. She argued that the GOP should know that Putin is monitoring the situation, and that’s why he longs for the return of President Trump; the reason being, she pontificated, is that Trump causes division.

Many on the left look to blame anyone and anything on the Hamas attacks on civilians. The View thinks the lack of a speaker is why Israel was attacked. Others say Israel is to blame for the attack on Israel.

When will Hamas be responsible for the attack Hamas launched?