“The View” Host Claims Trump Would’ve Been Arrested In Other Democracies

(RoyalPatriot.com )- https://dailycaller.com/2022/12/13/joy-behar-trump-jail-peru-germany/

Joy Behar, a seldom informed co-host of The View, stated that former President Donald Trump would have been imprisoned if he had been in office in Germany or Peru, two nations that have recently experienced political unrest.

Reports show the co-hosts talked about Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks on Saturday that the Jan. 6 rioters would have won and the riot would’ve been armed if she had planned the unrest at the Capitol.

In a statement on Monday, the Representative stated that her remark was sarcasm.

It was apparent sarcasm.  The hens on The View were cackling too loud to hear or focus on what Greene said. That’s probably why they cannot lay any eggs or sane remarks.

According to reports, Greene explained that when January 6 happened, she made fun of the Democrats and their Jan. 6 Committee. And the next thing you know, they acted like Greene organized the whole thing, along with Steve Bannon.

Greene sarcastically said they would have triumphed if she and Steve Bannon had orchestrated that.  Furthermore, it would have been armed. That is the absolute joke.

Greene continued by saying that the Democrats claimed that the entire incident was planned by Conservatives. She sarcastically remarked that a bunch of Conservatives, who support the second amendment, went into the Capitol without guns.  And they think we organized that?

On The View, Behar announced that she was reading about other countries.

She explained that in Peru, the president attempted to overthrow the government and take control. On that day, they detained him. Additionally, a group of 25 people who tried to overthrow the German government this week has all been arrested.  Behar said Trump would have been in jail three years ago in those nations, which are democracies.

Whoopi Goldberg, another highly agitated co-host, argued that adults should revisit the definitions of American democracy and history.

As a side note, we are a Republic.

According to Goldberg, Greene should be behind bars for her comments about January 6.

The View is a daily show featuring a bunch of miserable ignoramuses.