The Media Is Delegitimizing The Secret Service By Comparing It To Cancer

( )- Joe Scarborough attacked the Secret Service for “criminality” over deleting their text exchanges from January 6.

Mika Brzezinski opened Morning Joe on Thursday by highlighting an NBC story that the Secret Service was urged many times before January 6 to retain text messages and other information on their phones before a device replacement program. The January 6 Committee has been chasing these texts for its inquiry into the storming of the U.S. Capitol. The report states the agency received three emails concerning the preservation of documents before the data movement, resulting in their apparent, irreversible erasure.

Scarborough rejected the concept that the purge was a mistake following the Capitol attack.

Joe said this was not a mistake. It wasn’t a bureaucratic snafu. It was a premeditated destruction of historical papers needed for a criminal inquiry they knew was coming.

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele agreed “this was done purposefully,” stating that as a component of law enforcement, the Secret Service must keep documents.

Steele said they’re hemming and hawing and talking about how “the process had started, and it was underway.”

“That’s absurd,” he said. They’ve got a lot to answer for. There should be some heads rolling.

Scarborough said these law enforcement officers were in the thick of a deliberate revolution against the United States of America. So they realized the information needed to be secured. He also expressed fear that members of the Secret Service were “sympathetic” to former President Donald Trump and his “fascist plot to topple” the U.S. government after losing the 2020 election.

Scarborough said that many inside the Secret Service are concerned that certain agents are more devoted to Donald Trump than to the U.S., the Constitution, or American democracy. He brushed it off. Whenever he sees Secret Service agents, he thanks them for their service. But, “my God!” he said.

“There’s a cancer, to steal a term. There’s a cancer spreading in the Secret Service, and it must be removed. This illustrates how deadly things have grown inside the Secret Service,” Joe screeched.

Brzezinski concurred, saying if you were in the Secret Service, you’d have to be under a rock to not know what happened on January 6th. She said that agency staff demonstrated “personal irresponsibility” by not understanding they should have retained key materials from that era.

Scarborough remarked. That he doesn’t think it’s personal irresponsibility. He believes it’s criminal.

“That’s one more issue the Department of Justice needs to look at. There was an attempted fascist takeover of the United States, the American government, and an American election, and the Secret Service is covering it up.”

One wonders who Joe thinks would take over the government, the drunk guy with the Viking helmet or the guy in the shorts with the selfie stick?

Hillary’s cellphone hammer was unavailble for comment.