Teen TRAGEDY – They’re Fighting For LIFE!

A teenaged driver and one of his friends are battling to stay alive after a violent accident sent his car rolling sideways, which puts them slightly ahead of the other passenger in the vehicle, who died a short time after the crash. The three young men were riding in a blue Corolla hatchback when the driver lost control. The vehicle lost traction, rolled over a number of times and smashed into a tree in the town of Gooseberry Hill, a couple dozen kilometers to the east of Perth, Australia, at around 8.40 in the evening on Wednesday, May 22.

The driver was seventeen. He and an eighteen year-old passenger were loaded into the RAC Rescue helicopter and airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital. The remaining passenger, who was sixteen, received punishing and catastrophic injuries in the crash. He was rushed to Midland Hospital, but he died shortly after arrival. Authorities have revealed his identity as Dylan Soklich, a netball coach who hoped to teach gymnastics when he graduated. He was described by his grieving family as a “really happy person” who brought joy to all those around him.

According to a spokesman for the Royal Perth Hospital, as of Thursday morning, the two teenagers who are still alive remain in critical condition.

Roger Cook, the Premier of Western Australia, said that any auto accident that takes the life of a teenager is “horrible and tragic.” These young men, he said, have their eyes on the future, but because of a minor mistake made in the blink of an eye, they can so quickly lose their lives. Cook urged everyone listening to consider their own safety, and the safety of others on the road, whenever they got into the driver’s seat.

The Western Australia police say that they have launched an investigation into the causes of the accident. They are urging anyone who has information about the crash—or, better yet, video—to contact them immediately.