Ted Cruz Says Critical Race Theory Is Racist As Klansmen

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Republicans are clearly getting sick of being falsely labeled as racists, and Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz has gone on the offense over it.

During a speech on Friday to the Faith and Freedom Coalition to Majority Conference, Cruz hit out at Democrats and left-wing activists who pretend to be anti-racists while also pushing Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory is the radical, left-wing idea that all white people are racist no matter what they do, think, or say. Former President Donald Trump banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in government departments and agencies, but President Joe Biden reversed that policy the first day he entered the White House.

During his speech, Cruz slammed Critical Race Theory as a “lie” and added that it is “every bit as racist as the Klansmen in white sheets.”

It’s a statement that’s no doubt going to anger left-wing activists and Democrats who insist that Republicans are the new KKK and that Critical Race Theory advances equality and fairness.

Cruz said that Critical Race Theory says that every white person is racist, that America is racist to its core, and that white Americans are “irredeemably racist.” He added that the extremist theory also seeks to pit Americans against one another.

Democrats? Divisive? Surely not…

Critical Race Theory has already been banned from the school curriculum in over 20 states now, from Texas and Arizona to Arkansas and Florida.

Sadly, however, Democrat-run states are embracing Critical Race Theory.

It’s even being taught in the military.