Tasmanian Police Find Human Remains In Hunt For Missing Teen

On April 30th, about three months ago, Shyanne-Lee Tatnell, a young adolescent girl, vanished.

The hunt for her was called off on May 18 after scouring the river and its environs without success.

Nabowla is located around 50 kilometers northeast of Launceston, and a search was initiated there based on information gleaned from previous inquiries and tips from the public.

Police in Tasmania now say they found remains. Although forensics have not been performed, they are likely human remains, according to authorities.

Wednesday, after a daylong search by land and air, the bodies were discovered on a bush route near Nabowla, west of Scottsdale.

According to Northern District Commander Kate Chambers, a crime scene was set up at the residence near Scottsdale, where the bodies were found.

Although investigators have not verified a link between the two places or made any arrests, they have said that the probe will likely include criminal activity.

Chambers said throughout the inquiry they have been in touch with Shyanne-Lee’s family and updated them on any new information. 

On Wednesday, the Tasmania Police Department, the New South Wales Police, the Australian Federal Police, the State Emergency Service, and many volunteers began what is believed to be the largest police operation ever launched in Northern Tasmania in a search for Shyanne-Lee.

The North Esk River was searched by a cadaver hound sent in from New South Wales.

Detective Inspector Andrew Hanson said the investigation has shifted to one probing a criminal aspect, so those resources were not brought in earlier.

It was possible, he remarked on Wednesday, that criminals were involved.

He said their determination to find Shyanne-Lee had motivated their efforts this week, and they are dedicated to giving it their all to make it a reality. This week, they’re checking the data and exploring more. Hanson said his detectives have spent much time reviewing surveillance tapes, interviewing potential witnesses, and following up on any leads they have found.

On Thursday at noon, police will provide an update.