Target Gets Damning Letters From Attorneys General

A report shows that seven Republican attorneys general issued a warning to Target that certain items in the store’s Pride collection might be considered illegal for minors to wear.

The letter, sent to Target Corporation’s Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell, discussed the company’s Pride Month advertising and its backing of a pro-transgender group.

The letter expressed concerns about the displays of pride items at Target being potentially harmful to minors. It also mentioned that the company’s campaign could potentially interfere with the rights of parents in subjects of sex and gender identity and may be an infringement of fiduciary responsibilities by the company’s directors and officers.

The letter stated that the business had knowingly advertised and sold LGBTQIA+ advertising materials to households and kids of all ages as part of a campaign to promote sex and gender identities among children.

Merchandise such as a shirt reading “homophobe headrest” close to a guillotine and another shirt reading “transphobe collector” next to an image of a skull were singled out by the AGs. Baby clothing with rainbow pride flags was also mentioned, as was a girls’ swimsuit that claimed it could “tuck” male genitalia. 

The document also criticized the corporation for associating with “Abprallen,” a brand with Satanist overtones.  

It also highlighted Target’s involvement with the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), claiming that the company’s actions were problematic under the state parental rights and child protection laws. 

According to an online outlet, in retribution for Target stepping back from some of their Pride Month products following the major outcry, LGBTQ extremists purportedly deluged the retailer with bombing threats in May. Multiple Target locations in at least three states, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Ohio, were purportedly targeted in the bomb threats. 

The report reveals that radical LGBTQ activists might have been orchestrating the threats, according to an email sent to a Cleveland retailer that was examined by Cleveland 19 News.

According to the email, Target is full of individuals who chose to abandon the LGBT community and instead appeal to the ‘homophobic right-leaning redneck bigots’ who objected and attacked their store.