Suspect Confesses to Killing Louisiana Mother and Child

Last week, a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were brutally murdered in Louisiana. 

The sheriff’s office announced that one of the suspects confessed to the brutal and heinous acts of violence. 

The mother, Callie Brunett, was discovered “brutally murdered” on June 13 in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, and her daughters Erin and Jalie were snatched from their house the same day. A suspect, who had been in a relationship with the mother “on and off” for over a year, was apprehended shortly after the body of the 3-year-old daughter was found more than 100 miles away in Jackson, Mississippi.

Daniel Callihan, 36, “confessed to all of it,” according to TPSO Chief of Operations Jimmy Travis. The 6-year-old victim who managed to stay alive confirmed all the events confessed by Callihan in a forensic interview. 

Travis believes that an Amber Alert should have been issued promptly when the heinousness of the act was discovered and the victim’s children’s disappearance. The notice was not sent out for over three hours because of “protocol” and necessary documentation.

Victoria Cox, a 32-year-old woman known to Callihan, was named as the second suspect by Joseph Wade, chief of police in Jackson. As a result of a “collaborative effort” involving many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Jackson police, she was apprehended at a motel in South Jackson on June 13. At a news conference, “small animal cages,” suggesting human trafficking, were discovered at the site of the children’s discovery.

Jackson police said that Callihan and Cox are both facing molestation and capital murder charges. 

Callihan made a brief statement to reporters and admitted to the crimes in a video broadcast as he was led to jail. He stated that he did it, “I did it,” and that he had no intention of contesting the allegations.