Supreme Court Mystery Deepens As Only One Supreme Court Opinion Has Been Released

( )- Politico reported this week that no other draft opinions are being circulated in the Supreme Court other than the one Politico published last week, and currently, there is no sign that the intimidation efforts the leak prompted have had any success in getting the justices to change course.

Thanks to Politico’s leaky insider, the radical pro-abortion activists have revealed the home addresses of the six conservatives on the Court, and launched illegal “protests” outside of their homes that are so threatening the justices were forced to move to an “undisclosed location.” The activists spent Mother’s Day staging perverse demonstrations outside of Catholic churches and even firebombed a Wisconsin pro-life center.

By the way, here’s a recording of death threats left at the Wisconsin center after the firebombing. The content is not safe for work:

And despite all that, Politico is disappointed that the Supreme Court hasn’t reversed course and no new draft opinions are being circulated.

Ah, well. You tried your best, Politico.

Of course, it is just as possible that the reason Politico knows of no other draft opinion is because the Court knows who Politico’s leaky source is and has taken steps to freeze her (or him) out of the process.

Politico reports that there doesn’t seem to be a dissenting opinion from a liberal justice either. Again, maybe there is, but Politico’s leaker is being kept out of the loop.

If there’s one thing all nine justices agree on, it’s that the Court’s process is not for public dissemination. Even Politico admits that one of their sources “close to the court” said the liberal justices are “just as shocked” by last week’s leak as the conservative justices are.

The bottom line is this: Politico is out of the loop. So in the absence of facts, Politico is choosing to report speculation.

The American public will know the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs when the Supreme Court releases its ruling on Dobbs.

Everything else is gossip and guesswork, framed to keep the pro-abortion activists fired up and angry.