Sunk Shipwreck With Billions in Treasure Declared ‘Protected Area’

The summer months of the calendar year of 2024 are fast approaching. As Memorial Day weekend is now firmly in the rearview mirror, the official summer season is picking up in states across the America. While inflation continues to grip the middle-class significantly and many Americans continue to struggle economically, the hyper-consumerist culture of the country continues to remain the norm and people are emphatically looking forward to a summer season of beachgoing and other related activities. An article by CNN reaffirmed these sentiments; despite lingering effects of inflation, Americans continue to travel in record numbers and enjoy life on Memorial Day weekend in regions everywhere

For Americans living on the nations densely-populated eastern and western coastlines bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic (and even those living in the states of Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida located in the Gulf of Mexico, summer activities may include going to the beach just as much as those individuals living near the vast oceans. Many people enjoy scuba diving or even metal detecting on a hot sandy beach with the hopes of discovering lost jewelry or even treasure.  One shipwreck, located off the coast of Columbia, remains a lucrative destination. 

Deemed the “holy grail” of shipwrecks, the San Jose Galleon was launched in 1698 by Spain. At the time, the ship was part of a vast military that still posed a significant military threat and wielded power over many world nations. Spain at the time controlled a vast empire in the America’s, one that produced lucrative items like gold, silver, and even food commodities. The ship sunk off the coast of Columbia in 1708 in a fight with the British, but still contains an estimated $20 billion worth of gold and silver. The wreck was discovered by divers in 2015 in 3,100 feet of water. Spain, America, Colombia and an indigenous group all claim ownership. Colombia wants to preserve the site.