Subway’s New Sandwich Leaves Fans Disgusted

Cadbury Crème Eggs aren’t often described with adjectives like “bizarre” or “disgusting.” Yet, on the other hand, such extravagant Easter delights are seldom seen sandwiched between two slices of bread and sold as such – until now.

Subway and Cadbury, makers of chocolate and sandwiches, will reportedly release a SubMelt with Cadbury Creme Egg on Good Friday.

The responses on Twitter were diverse.

You cannot buy them. There is only 500 total, and you may get one by visiting one of four Subway locations in the United Kingdom (London, Liverpool, Scotland, and Wales).

According to Subway’s Senior Manager of New Product Development and Product Innovation, Rusty Warren, Subway is delighted to work with Cadbury on something special for Easter. 

Warren said their Italian White Bread and Cadbury Creme Eggs form the most flavorful combination, “a fantastic festive treat.”

Warren expressed his team’s anticipation for the sweet-toothed customers’ reactions to the new SubMelt.

Officials were cited as being upbeat about the new product, praising its “taste of spring.”

Charlotte Docker, Brand Executive for Cadbury Creme Egg, was cited in a news release as stating that Cadbury can’t wait to see the reaction of those fortunate enough to sample this delightfully delectable combination of sweet and spicy.

She said as a last hurrah before the end of the much-anticipated Creme Egg season; they are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking product in partnership with Subway. 

“When Subway asked us to develop an eggs-traordinary Submelt, we just couldn’t refuse.”

The pun should be illegal on its own, Emily Brown said on Relevant.

The New York Post reports that there are currently no plans to introduce the sandwich to the palates of Americans.

The Chronicle made the point that neither Subway nor Cadbury is alone in offering unusual fare.

The British food delivery service Deliveroo “is debuting the Southern Fried Choc’n.”

It’s a chocolate egg with a covering reminiscent of crispy fried chicken.