Study On Neighborhood Safety Makes Incredible Find

It is no secret that neighborhoods with a higher percentage of traditional two-parent households tend to have lower crime rates. The correlation between strong families and safer communities has long been recognized by conservative Christians, who view the traditional family as the bedrock of Western civilization. However, this belief has come under attack from what can only be described as satanic forces that seek to undermine the importance of the conventional nuclear family.

A recent report by the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) has provided further evidence to support the claims of conservative Christians. The study found that neighborhoods with strong families are indeed safer, and this safety extends beyond just the local community. Safer neighborhoods contribute to safer cities and towns, leading to safer counties, states, and, ultimately, a safer country. The implications of these findings are straightforward – our families’ strength directly impacts our society’s prosperity and stability.

So why, then, do progressives advocate for policies such as same-sex marriage, LGBT ideology, abortion, the sexualization of youth, and prioritizing careers over family and children? From a religious perspective, it could be seen as a hatred of God, while from a sociological standpoint, it reflects a hatred of Western civilization.

The IFS study highlights the root causes of crime, often attributed to “social structural factors” such as poverty, law enforcement, and unemployment. However, the study reveals that “core social institutions” like churches, schools, and, most importantly, the family significantly impact community crime rates. Analyzing data from over 600 cities, the IFS found that one of the strongest predictors of violence in urban areas across the United States is the structure of the family.

Even after adjusting for factors such as race, education, and poverty, the research revealed that cities with elevated proportions of single-parent households exhibit notably higher crime rates. The violent crime rates nationally are higher and homicide rates are much percent higher in cities with significant levels of single-parent households. The statistics become even more concerning when examining cities, such as Chicago, where neighborhoods characterized by higher rates of single parents witness violent crime is higher than the national average and homicide rates that are a drastically higher percentage compared to communities with intact families.

The impact of family structure on crime rates becomes even more apparent when we consider that cities with a higher percentage of two-parent households have overall crime rates that are 48 percent lower than cities with more single-parent households.