Student Facing Felony Charges For Throwing Chair At Teacher

A student from Southwestern Classical Academy High School in Michigan was taken into custody following an episode where a chair was thrown at a teacher last Thursday, resulting in the teacher’s momentary unconsciousness.

Video evidence of the incident showcases a female student vocally expressing her agitation. At the same time, the teacher, situated a few feet away and facing away from her, attempted to manage another classroom disturbance.

The student then hurled a chair, striking the teacher at the back of her head. The teacher collapsed immediately. The moments leading up to the chair being thrown, including who the student was yelling at, remain uncertain.

Following the episode, the student now faces two felony assault charges. Another student involved in the incident was also arrested. Prosecutor David Leyton authorized the charges.

Upon arriving at the scene, the school resource officer discovered the teacher on the floor with head injuries, as shared by Flint Police Chief Terence Green. Fortunately, the teacher has been discharged and plans to resume teaching.

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevelin Jones expressed his concern to parents in a letter, stating, “Such acts of aggression are intolerable and contradict the principles we uphold in our educational environment. The student will face consequences per legal guidelines and the Flint Community Schools Student Code of Conduct.”

Speaking on the matter, Christian affirmed the union’s commitment to seek justice. “The student involved has been arrested and is recommended for expulsion. The UTF is unwavering in ensuring all necessary legal measures are taken to address this incident appropriately,” commented Christian.

Furthermore, the school district is extending counseling and support services to any students and staff impacted by the event.

Superintendent Kevelin Jones commended the teacher’s resilience and dedication, stating, “The decision of this educator to return to the classroom demonstrates the deep commitment our teachers have to their students.”

He added that as the teacher comes back, the school community will gather to greet her with admiration and warmth. Superintendent Jones emphasized the community’s collective spirit and determination to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for everyone.