Student ARRESTED For Handing Out The Constitution!

( )- A former student was found guilty of trespassing after distributing US Constitution booklets on campus.

According to a press release from Liberty Justice Center (LJC), a national free speech law firm, they filed an appeal against Arizona State University (ASU).

The Liberty Justice Center is a public interest litigation center that defends fundamental constitutional rights on a nonprofit basis. The Liberty Justice Center is best known for its 2018 victory in Janus v. AFSCME before the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to the press release, Tim Tizon, a former Arizona State University student, was detained in March 2022 after he refused to stop handing out United States constitution pamphlets on behalf of the libertarian student group Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) on the campus of ASU Tempe. He is contesting his conviction at Maricopa County Circuit Court, and LJC is his pro bono counsel.

According to the press release, Tizon distributed the pamphlets from a table with the YAL logo set up on the campus’ North Plaza. According to reports, he was informed that the arrangement broke the school’s “reservation policy” and that he had to stay in a designated free speech zone set aside in a remote campus area.

Free Speech Zones are designated areas set aside on campus for free speech that are open to the public. Since they restrict free expression to a particular area, they are roundly criticized by free speech activists as being unconstitutional, particularly on a public campus.

According to Stephens, incidents like Tizon’s are typical on college campuses.

His organization believes it’s critical to defend the Constitution and the fact that our public universities are open to the public and the free exchange of ideas.

A spokesperson for ASU refutes the charges, claiming there are no free speech zones on campus and that Tizon was not detained for distributing Constitutions there. They claim he wouldn’t leave the space set aside for students and other university groups to hold events. ASU claimed Tizon was given many chances to move, but he refused.