Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Denied New Trial

( )- On Thursday, July 8, infamous “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti was sentenced to 30 months in prison for attempting to extort $25 million from Nike, Inc.

Earlier in the week, Avenatti had requested a new trial alleging prosecutorial misconduct, however, the judge denied Avenatti’s request.

A jury found Avenatti guilty in February 2020 after a three-week trial in Manhattan. But his sentencing date was postponed due to COVID pandemic restrictions.

In his request for a new trial, Avenatti claimed the prosecutors failed to turn over exculpatory evidence that would have aided in his defense – including notes about a witness who claimed she felt threatened by a tweet posted by someone not involved in the case. But because this witness’ testimony was irrelevant to Avenatti’s criminal case, US District Court Judge Paul Gardephe rejected Avenatti’s request.

During his sentencing hearing, Avenatti broke down into sobs as he apologized for the pain he caused. He wept about how he had wanted to be a lawyer since he was a child — to do good and pursue justice — but he lost his way. Speaking through tears, Avenatti bemoaned how he will “never have the privilege of practicing law again.”

Avenatti also admitted to the court that he let the fame and celebrity heaped on him by the media go to his head. But in light of his guilty verdict, Avenatti said “all the fame and notoriety is meaningless.”

Judge Gardephe’s sentence, however, was much lighter than it could have been. Despite calling Avenatti’s conduct in the case “outrageous,” the judge took his lack of a previous criminal record into account in sentencing him.

Additionally, Judge Gardephe also based his sentencing on the fact that Avenatti’s co-conspirator wasn’t charged at all. Still, the 30 month sentence is five times what Avenatti’s attorneys had asked for.

But Michael Avenatti’s legal troubles have only just begun.

He is scheduled to go on trial next month in California on federal charges that he defrauded clients and ripped off banks. A third trial is scheduled for early next year in Manhattan, for federal charges alleging that Avenatti stole Stormy Daniels’ book advance.

Hardest hit in the Avenatti saga are his pals from the American media who no doubt would like to forget their love affair with the Creepy Porn Lawyer.