Stores Are Selling Bud Light For Free As Demand Dries Up

After parent firm Anheuser-Busch saw over $16 billion knocked off its market value due to the Dylan Mulvaney outrage, Budweiser is giving away its beer for free as part of new marketing. 

Anheuser-Busch has lost billions in market value since the catastrophic campaign with Mulvaney began on April 1. It would have been wise to call it all an April Fools joke and move on. But the brewery was deadly serious, and so were its customers. The company is tanking.

Bud Light has launched a new online program to win back dissatisfied consumers. 

As a tourniquet, Anheuser-Busch offers a refund via Anheuser-Busch Digital Prepaid Mastercard for up to 15 bucks. They have to get the inventory moving somehow.

The rebates are for Bud Light, Budweiser Select, Budweiser Select 55, and Budweiser.

Meanwhile, several local stores have been selling cases of Budweiser for less than $15, making them free after a refund (not including tax or other state-specific fees).

According to the Bud Light website, the reimbursement will be a virtual gift card. Customers can have their prepaid card sent to their house by uploading a photograph of their receipt and the case’s barcode.

Any forms filed between May 17 and May 23 will be accepted until the end of the month, and any forms submitted between May 24 and May 31 will be accepted until June 14.

The advertisement has also taken aback users on social media.

Two distinct Wisconsin businesses were photographed by the same Twitter account, which displayed signs advertising 20-pack sales for $14.99, with the $15 refund bringing the ultimate cost to $0.

Meanwhile, rivals to the parent firm have reaped a $3.2 billion windfall in brand value growth.

The market value of Heineken has increased by 1.7 percent to $1 billion, while that of Molson Coors has increased by $2.2 billion, or roughly 20 percent. 

According to JPMorgan beverage researcher Jared Dinges, Bud Light sales dropped by more than 23 percent for the week ending May 6.