Sting Operation Leads To 500 Illegal Immigrants Being Caught

( )- Last weekend, agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector of the Border Patrol came into contact with five large groups of migrants unlawfully crossing the border from Mexico into Texas. The groups included about 500 migrants from Central America and other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, agents from the Rio Grande City Station of the Border Patrol came into contact with two big groups of migrants in the county of Starr in Texas. The groups included a total of 130 children who an adult did not accompany, 142 people living alone, and 101 families. According to the officials, the 373 migrants who were split up into two groups came from Cuba as well as numerous countries in South and Central America.

Agents came across a third sizable group in the vicinity, located within the McAllen Station area of authority. According to the report, this group of 121 migrants was found in Hidalgo County, Texas. Within this group, 21 adults, 30 family units, and 70 unaccompanied youngsters traveled alone.

Agents from the RGV Sector took custody of a total of 494 migrants from the three big groups they encountered. Over forty percent of the total number of apprehensions involved unaccompanied alien minors. These youngsters accounted for two hundred of the total.

According to a written statement released by sector officials, RGV agents have met more than 130 big groups illegally entering the United States since October 2021, resulting in more than 21,000 migrant apprehensions.

“The logistics required to transport and process groups of this size continue to burden people and resources since they are frequently discovered in desolate places that are inaccessible to large transport vehicles.”

The Border Patrol considers any group of migrants with more than one hundred to be a large group.

The administration of President Joe Biden has reduced the number of illegal immigrants prosecuted by approximately 80 percent. This practically begs for more people to join us. Over 800,000 illegal immigrants have entered the United States without being captured while President Joe Biden has been in office.

These individuals are referred to as “got-aways.” Simply put, we have no idea what kinds of criminals were hiding among them; however, we do know that among the persons we were able to detain, 56 people had been on the government’s terror watchlist since October.

Concerning beyond measure is Biden’s callous lack of regard for the general public’s well-being.