Steven Spielberg Feels Devastated After Child Star’s End

Steven Spielberg says he saw actress Drew Barrymore’s childhood difficulties firsthand but was unable to help her.

In an interview with an online gossip outlet, Drew Barrymore described Spielberg as the one person in her life, even until now, that ever was a parental figure.

In his interview with Vulture, Spielberg explained what it was like when seven-year-old Drew Barrymore was on the set of Spielberg’s cult classic science fiction film “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982).  After refusing Barrymore’s wish to become her father, Spielberg became what he called her ‘godfather’ instead. 

The now-deceased actor John Drew Barrymore, who was Drew Barrymore’s biological father, was reportedly aggressive and a heavy drinker. Barrymore also discussed her rocky upbringing with the media outlet because of her mother, Jaid. 

Barrymore believed E.T. was genuine, and Spielberg never disabused her of that notion. In fact, he claimed to have had technicians on hand so that Barrymore could have lunch with her “co-star.” 

The Barrymore interview also revealed how, whenever pre-teen Barrymore came up on set wearing bright red lipstick, Spielberg would order her to take it off. The actress has previously spoken about her troubled upbringing, in which she started taking drugs at a young age and struggled to overcome her addictions.

Drew Barrymore entered her first rehabilitation center at age 12.

Drew Barrymore is the granddaughter of cinema stars Lionel Barrymore and Delores Costello.

The American silent cinema actress, Dolores Costello,  became famous in the early 20th century. She was dubbed as “The Goddess of the Silent Screen” according to her first husband, actor John Barrymore. 

American stage, movie, and radio actor John Barrymore was born John Sidney Blyth. He debuted in 1903 and quickly rose to prominence as a theatrical actor, initially in comedies and then in dramatic roles. After performing Hamlet in 1922, he was dubbed the ‘Great American Tragedian.’

There has been a lot of speculation about Barrymore’s private life before and after his death. He started drinking heavily at 14, went through four marriages and divorces, and eventually filed for bankruptcy.