Steve Bannon Unloads On Elites, Calls Them Cowards

( )- Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Donald Trump and host of the “War Room” podcast, unloaded on political elites this week during an episode of his show.

In true Bannon-style, the former political strategist laid into political elites. He also criticized the decision to cancel Patriots Day celebrations even as the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end.

Because of the pandemic, Lexington and Concord are hosting just a handful of live events to celebrate the day, with Americans unable to properly commemorate the historic April 19, 1775 battles.

“246 years from now the commemoration of what you did we’re not actually going to have it in person because we are in our homes as cowards,” Bannon said.

“Are you sheltered in place and you have masks and you can’t go and have a live representation of this? Cowered in your homes because of a guy like Tony Fauci?” he added.

Bannon said that it’s not just a matter of the heroes of Lexington and Concord being disgusted by the decision to cancel the commemoration, but that they “would not comprehend it.”

“You would cower in your homes and not have the common decency and the common sense of purpose to come out to this bridge and have a ceremony to connect us back?” he said.

In the same show, Bannon also slammed Ivy academic elites who are only now standing up to Critical Race Theory – after former President Donald T rump spent his administration fighting this extremism and being condemned as a racist for doing so.

It comes as private school teacher Paul Rossi wrote in the New York Post that schools were doing a disservice to American students by instilling Critical Race Theory on them, and teaching it in lessons.

“You have destroyed this country and do you think I care one h that your children aren’t being taught anything?” Bannon unleashed. “I hope you pay $60,000 a year. I hope those elite kids in those cities learn all this crap so they don’t go forward and learn anything.”

“The very people that fund the woke corporations, you think I’m supposed to feel for you and your kids?” he asked. “It’s on the Deplorables that this all rests.”

Just how sorry can anyone be for those who never stood up to Critical Race Theory in the beginning, or even actively attacked those who did?