Steve Bannon Steps Forward With Allegations Against Sean Hannity

( )- Right-wing podcaster Steve Bannon had praise for left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes while offering only harsh criticism for Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity over their approaches to covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On his Thursday War Room podcast, after playing a clip from Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show, Bannon praised Hayes for saying that ordinary Russian citizens have nothing to do with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Arguing against the economic sanctions imposed on Russia, Bannon quoted a Columbia University professor who said the sanctions amount to a “declaration of war.”

Then Bannon and his guest, former Trump advisor Steve Cortes discussed Sean Hannity’s recent interview with his frequent guest, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, accusing the pair of being “neocons” who want to “send your kids to war with your dollars.”

During that interview with Graham, Hannity had suggested that the US has to “cut the head of the snake off” and called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, a call that Senator Graham quickly echoed.

Bannon marveled that it is the Leftist Chris Hayes who is offering “the most powerful segment” on the Ukraine invasion while conservative Sean Hannity is advocating for regime change in Russia.

Cortes agreed, adding that Sean Hannity is “losing the plot completely” by bringing “the globalist loser” Lindsey Graham on his show “every other night” to “kiss up to him.” He said Hannity’s love affair with Graham had warped his mind.

Cortes told Bannon that we’re living in “an upside-down world” “where Chris Hayes is speaking the truth and Hannity is spewing nonsense.”

Cortes accused Hannity of being on the same side as billionaire globalist George Soros and warned that when they are “lined up on the same side,” “your antennae should go up.”

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