Steve Bannon Says New Campaign Ad Against Soros Is Too Powerful To Ignore

( )- Kristina Karamo, the Michigan Secretary of State candidate, appeared on Tuesday on Steve Bannon’s The War Room.

Steve Bannon launched his show with Kristina’s recent commercial targeting George Soros’ lackey Jocelyn Benson.

This week, Benson modified the election regulations to make it easier for Democrats to cheat. The lady was raised on Soros’ leftism and worked on his Secretary of State Project to make America, in Karamo’s words, “unlivable and violent.”

Bannon deemed it “the best spot of the year.”

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s secretary of state, has a checkered past. She was first heard of her when she misprinted military ballots and deleted Trump. The President knew this was intentional and didn’t hesitate to let the world know.

Benson helped Dominion in Antrim County, Michigan. For “some reason,” Democrats in the state didn’t want Americans to know how Dominion handled ballots in 2020.

Soros supports Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Soros’ “Secretary of State Project” (SOSP) endorsed her in 2009 and 2010. In 2018, she won. SOSP was disbanded by then. iVOTE replaced it.

Matthew Vadum, a specialist on unethical non-profits affiliated with George Soros, was with the Capital Research Center. He’s long followed, George Soros. In 2009, Vadum said a Soros-backed outfit was planning to steal the 2012 election for Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretary of state. Secretaries of state may sway elections from their offices.

Soros is a left-wing benefactor who wants to destroy capitalism. Soros told Der Spiegel last year, “We need European-style socialism.”

Anti-market fundamentalism. This propaganda that government participation is always negative has been successful but destructive to society.

The Secretary of State Project is a below-the-radar non-federal “527” entity (SoS Project). The organization can receive unlimited donations and doesn’t have to report them until after the election. SoS Project endorses Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s secretary of state candidate, as an “election law researcher and community organizer.”

The SoS Project profile credits Benson with leading a 2004 “voter protection effort in 21 states.” In Michigan, she led the campaign to stop the Republican secretary of state from disenfranchising foreclosure victims.

According to state campaign reports, Benson raised at least $802,273.

Jocelyn Benson’s replacement is Kristina Karamo. Watch her video HERE.