Steve Bannon Says Call In The Cavalry Of GOP Voters

( )- In late October, podcaster Steve Bannon was raising the alarm about voter fraud in this week’s midterm elections in Pennsylvania, only the claim was false.

During the October 29 “War Room” podcast, Bannon shared a letter from Pennsylvania lawmakers who called attention to problems in the voting system, noting that 240,000 mail-in ballots were coded “NV” meaning “not verified.”

For voters who have yet to verify their identity, the state adds an internal “NV” (not verified) code to alert the statewide voting system that the ballot applications required further identification verification for the person to vote.

Rep. Ryan later told PolitiFact that the “NV” coding doesn’t indicate any “nefarious behavior,” but it does show that “the system is poorly designed.”

But that isn’t how Steve Bannon interpreted the lawmakers’ letter. Instead, he implied that these “NV” ballots were sent as a way to encourage voter fraud.

Unfortunately, former President Trump also spread the unsubstantiated claim, posting on his Truth Social account that there were “over 240,000 ‘unverified’ ballots” that had already been sent out in Pennsylvania, calling it a “mess.”

Fact-checkers, including the conservative outlet the Washington Examiner, Reuters, Politifact, and the Associated Press, all determined the voter fraud allegations were false.

The communications director for the Pennsylvania Department of State said the claims rely on incomplete data.

Republican attorney Linda Kerns told the Washington Examiner that the claim of voter fraud was based on “faulty assumptions, made by misinterpreting government data.”

Despite this, Bannon told his listeners that this was a “call to arms” for Trump supporters to stop voter fraud in Pennsylvania. He told them that nobody would come to “save us,” adding “You are the cavalry.” He told his listeners to “get into these counties.”

In a follow-up post on the Gettr social media platform, Bannon reiterated that Trump supporters “ARE the Cavalry!!!!”