Steve Bannon Says America About To Enter “Another Faze” Called The “Shortage Economy”

( )- Former advisor to President Donald Trump Steve Bannon had some pretty daunting words for viewers of his show on Monday, warning that the United States isn’t going to see an improvement to the shortage of products any time soon.

Instead, Bannon thinks that we’re only just entering a dark era of supply chain problems, and warned that we’re going to be facing a tough Christmas.

He referred to an article by The Economist titled “The Shortage Economy,” before warning that the United States “needs to prepare.”

“Get ready for the bleakest, darkest Christmas in living memory,” Bannon warned. He said that we are going well beyond “stagflation” – a term that refers to economic stagnation, shortage in supply, and inflation (a rise in prices).

“We’re entering into another faze,” he added.

“Remember, elections have consequences, illegal elections have catastrophic consequences,” he added.

Bannon gets a lot of flack from Democrats, but how can they ignore this? Or disagree with what he says?

On Tuesday, United States shares slipped as investors waited for American businesses to report how inflation has impacted their most recent earnings. And on the same day, two American Federal Reserve policymakers warned that the central bank is going ahead with its plan to reduce its bond-buying program.

It comes as oil prices soar, coal prices reach a record price, and gas prices are totally out of control.

Just go to the supermarket or the gas station and you can’t not notice that something is happening.

Throw in the fact that the nation’s ports are in chaos, with ships waiting for days to dock and unload gods, it’s hard to envision a Christmas this year that isn’t plagued with supply problems.