Steve Bannon Praises Mother Jones Piece About Him Taking On CCP

( )- Last week, Mother Jones writer Dan Spinelli penned a column titled “Steve Bannon’s Podcast is the New Red Scare” in which he attacked Steve Bannon’s obsession with the Chinese Communist Party. But if Spinelli thought his article would rile Bannon, he was in for a surprise.

In his column, Spinelli mocked both Bannon and his podcast guests for their fixation on China. He quotes all the usual left-wing “media watchdogs” like Media Matters who claim Bannon tries to blame the Chinese Communist Party for everything.

Naturally, Spinelli makes the unfounded claim that Trump’s use of “racist terms” to describe COVID-19 was the reason hate crimes against Asian Americans increased. Spinelli also makes the false claim that former President Trump referred to COVID as “Kung flu.” He never did. He referred to it as the “China virus.”

Spinelli’s argument in the column is that Steve Bannon’s podcast picks up where Trump supposedly left off.

But where Trump called President Xi a “good man” and a “good leader,” Spinelli explains, Bannon treats Xi “like the Thanos of War Room.”

He cites examples of episodes where Bannon and his guests attack China and President Xi and concluded his column by claiming that Bannon once used to rail about a “clash of civilizations” between Islamic extremists and the West, but “now China is the all-purpose villain.”

In response to Spinelli’s column, Steve Bannon shared the link to Spinelli’s article on the social media platform Gettr with the comment, “Mother Jones Magazine assessment is WarRoom: Pandemic is the gathering place for anti-Communist, anti-CCP fighters — damn right!!!!”

This mystified Spinelli who then followed up with another column at Mother Jones reporting that Bannon promoted his article.

Spinelli’s only conclusion was that Steve Bannon doesn’t care if he gets called a warmonger, a conspiracy theorist, or a white nationalist. “He just wants to be seen as the tip of the spear challenging China,” even if he has to praise Spinelli’s article in Mother Jones to do it.