Steve Bannon Issues Dire Warning About Mega Donors Influencing The GOP

( )- This week, podcaster Steve Bannon attacked big-money Republican donors and called for them to be taxed because they are anti-Trump.

During his “War Room” podcast on Monday, Bannon blasted wealthy Republicans for lacking courage and caring about nothing but money. He accused them of turning against former President Trump as soon as Trump was no longer “hot,” and declared that now, these wealthy donors are “absolutely one thousand percent anti-Trump.”

Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that a group of Republican donors and activists led by Charles Koch’s Americans for Prosperity released a memo announcing that they will place their support behind someone other than Donald Trump in 2024.

In the memo from Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, the group CEO Emily Seidel argues that having a president “who represents a new chapter” would be “the best thing for the country.”

While the memo didn’t say how much the group planned to spend in 2024, the Post noted that Americans for Prosperity’s super PAC spent over $69 million during the 2022 midterms.

Additionally, another conservative outside group, Club for Growth, along with several of the GOP’s biggest donors like Ken Griffin and Stephen Schwarzman have signaled their opposition to Trump in 2024.

Schwarzman in particular has already thrown his support behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has yet to say if he is running in 2024.

And since rich donors like Charles Koch or Ken Griffin don’t support Trump anymore, Bannon said he doesn’t have a problem with increasing taxes on the very wealthy, whom he described as “oligarchs.”

He said if they want to support “woke madness” and continue to benefit from deficit spending and the fiscal policy of the Federal Reserve, then they should pay the price for it by paying more in taxes.