Steve Bannon Calls For 4,000 “Shock Troops”

( )- Steve Bannon wants “4,000 shock troops” to remove the federal government “brick by brick.”

On Monday, the former White House advisor warned listeners of his War Room podcast of a plan to rid the government of thousands of non-partisan civil employees if Donald Trump is reelected.

Bannon claimed it went beyond “draining the swamp.”
He said that they would dismantle the administrative state.

Last week it was revealed that Trump planned to dismiss thousands of federal workers if he won the White House in 2025.

According to reports, Mr. Trump wants Maga loyalists in all ranks of the federal bureaucracy in a second administration to accelerate controversial policy and enforcement changes but also enable revenge tours against real or perceived enemies and potentially insulate the president and allies from investigation or prosecution.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes disclosed a plot to dismantle the civil service on Bannon’s podcast. Mr. Cortes said this second Trump administration would be more impactful than the first.

Mr. Bannon then called for “shock soldiers.”

Mr. Bannon has used his shock troop routine often this year.
In October 2021, he said the Maga movement has 20,000 “shock troops.”

He reiterated the remark while entertaining Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz in December.

“Now, prepare. Right? When President Trump wins in 2024—or before—we’ll send in landing forces and beachhead teams,” he declared.
Mr. Bannon called for an “army of the awakened” after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. Steve Bannon will teach “4,000 shock warriors” for an hour on “deconstructing” the government.

Mr. Bannon made fiery statements the day before the January 6 rebellion, pushing listeners to march on the US Capitol and declaring “all hell will break out tomorrow.”

Trump’s 2020 “Schedule F” executive order would have stripped civil service protections from thousands of government workers, including staff attorneys and subject matter experts.

Mr. Bannon faces two years in prison for disobeying a Congressional demand to speak before the January 6 selection committee.