Steve Bannon Calls Elon Musk A “Traitor”

Over the past week, podcaster Steve Bannon has been on a rampage over Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s business connections in China.

Over the weekend, Musk was in Shanghai, China to visit the Tesla Gigafactory plant in the city. Bloomberg reported that Musk also planned to meet with local Chinese government officials while he was there.

Bannon linked to the Bloomberg report in a post on the social media platform Gettr, claiming that Musk traveled to Shanghai to “Kowtow to His Paymasters” in the Chinese Communist Party.

In another Gettr post, Bannon claimed that Musk overpaid for Twitter and is now screwing everyone over because Beijing wants to get its money back.

During his “War Room” podcast on Monday, Bannon continued raging over Musk, calling him anti-American and comparing him to billionaire leftist George Soros and Fox Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch.

After ranting about China, NBC, and French President Emmanuel Macron, Bannon turned his attention to Elon Musk, calling him a “traitor” and noting that, like Rupert Murdoch and George Soros, the South African-born tech billionaire is “not even an American.” He said Musk, like Murdoch and Soros, does not have America’s “self-interest” in mind.

Bannon accused Musk of using “CCP money” to open factories in China to take Tesla’s business out of Texas.

He suggested that Macron siding with China and Musk doing business in China are proof that there is a “third World War.” He vowed that “resurgent MAGA America” would hold accountable those who chose China in this third World War.

Bannon has a history of attacking Elon Musk for doing business in China.

In an interview on the TimCast IRL podcast last month, Bannon called Musk a phony who is “owned” by the Chinese Communist Party.

After Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz tweeted a clip from the interview, Musk replied by saying he used to think Steve Bannon was “smart & evil,” but now he realizes that he was “wrong about the first part.”