Steve Bannon Bragged About Evidence He Found Exposing Hunter Biden

( )- Even some of his toughest detractors might not have anticipated how sleazier and more cynical Steve Bannon’s plans for the 2020 presidential election were, at least in his own words. In a previously leaked audio, the former Trump White House strategist claimed that shortly before the 2020 election, Trump intended to declare victory on election night even if he were losing. Bannon clarified that this was a preexisting plan to claim that any Trump defeat resulted from fraud falsely.

But it didn’t end there. On the tape, Bannon also bragged about his work positioning Trump for his major election fraud falsehood. Hunter Biden’s laptop had pornographic material, which Bannon made sure was widely disseminated to harm Joe Biden’s chances and, at the very least, narrow the election outcomes. He asked his benefactor, exiled Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui, for assistance with that. In addition, Bannon praised Guo and his allies for lying about what the content revealed, calling their bogus claims that Hunter Biden had performed lewd acts “editorial ingenuity.”

The tape is from a meeting between Bannon and Guo’s followers on October 31, 2020. Guo is in charge of organizations and pro-Trump media outlets that disseminate far-right misinformation.

Bannon addressed the audience, some of whom can be heard laughing throughout sections of the conversation, saying, “We got you all this material, and you began throwing it out, and the internet started picking it up.” On another occasion, he claimed, “The hard drive from hell interrupted [Biden’s] progress and pushed up his negatives.”

Rep. Liz Cheney says the recording shows Donald Trump’s strategy to falsely claim victory in 2020, regardless of the actual circumstances. Bannon openly admitted his part in ensuring that Guo and his colleagues could access and broadcast pornographic information from the laptop in the released tape. Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast co-creators Jack Maxy Maxey and Vish Burra were tasked with finding out what was on a laptop belonging to Chinese tycoon Guo Guangchang. Maxey claimed that allegations that the hard drive included pictures of youngsters with graphic sexual content were untrue.

With Bannon’s support, Burra said he ultimately sent the information to a Guo aide via files like “Salacious Pics Package.”

In October 2020, Steve Bannon addressed a gathering that included Wang Dinggang, who at the time was a Guo loyalist and ran the GTV-supported YouTube channel Lude Media. Wang falsely claimed that Chinese sources had provided US officials with “three hard disks” information about Hunter Biden. After the election, these assertions were echoed by Giuliani, another Guo website called GNews, other people and publications on the right, Giuliani himself, and Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson.