State Of The Union Address Didn’t Help Biden With Independents At All, Poll Finds

( )- Most presidents receive a boost in popularity after they give a State of the Union address — no matter how unpopular they are.

That simply was not the case with President Joe Biden, who saw no boost whatsoever among independent voters.

A recent survey conducted by IBD/TIPP after Biden gave his first SOTU address on March 1 showed that only 39% of people approve of the job he’s doing in the White House, compared to a whopping 47% of people who disapprove of his work.

Surprisingly, that’s actually an overall increase in Biden’s approval rating from this poll, which was 38% back in February. That had marked the lowest percentage Biden had since he entered the White House in January of 2021.

What was so interesting about this version of the poll is that independent voters were not swayed at all by Biden’s SOTU speech, which focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as domestic inflation.

In February, only 27% of independent voters approved of the job Biden is doing, and that number remained exactly the same in March. If there’s a sliver of hope for Biden it’s that his disapproval rating among independent voters dropped from 55% in February to 53% in March.

That’s hardly something to throw a party for, but there aren’t many things the president can celebrate in this regard.

When you look further into specific areas of Biden’s job, it gets even worse. Only 21% of independent voters believe that the Biden administration has done a good job of responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That includes the sanctions the president has put on the Communist country in response.

Among that same group of voters, a whopping 47% believe he’s doing a bad job in responding to the crisis.

The IBD/TIPP poll found that 33% of overall respondents approve of how Biden has handled the Ukraine situation, compared to 43% who disapprove of the job he’s done.

Inflation is currently one of the biggest issues on most Americans minds, and they believe that the president isn’t doing well on that issue either. The poll found that 47% of voters disapprove of the economic policies that are coming out of the White House. That figure remained stagnant from February’s poll.

Among independent voters, 53% of people disapprove of the job the president is doing with the economy, compared to 23% who approve of the job he’s doing. That’s actually an improve over February’s figures of 55% and 18%, respectively.

If there’s one segment where Biden is still getting high marks, it’s with liberal voters. A whopping 74% of voters who are Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing in the White House, compared to only 15% who disapprove.

That’s not overly surprising that liberals would support their president. But, they seem to be the only ones who are still living in that fantasy land.