State Department Spokesman Praises The Taliban

( )- Over the weekend, State Department officials held meetings with “senior Taliban representatives” in Doha, Qatar. And in a read-out released on Sunday, State Department spokesman Ned Price described the discussions in these meetings as “candid and professional.”

The topics of discussion the US delegation focused on included terrorism concerns, safe passage for US citizens, as well as other foreign nationals and “our Afghan partners.” They also discussed human rights concerns, including begging the seventh-century throwbacks to allow “meaningful participation of women and girls” in Afghan society.

The two parties also discussed the US providing “robust humanitarian assistance” to the Afghan people.

It’s as if the last twenty years didn’t happen.

Bad enough the United States scampered away with its tail between its legs leaving behind billions in US military equipment and weapons. Now these accommodating fools are flying to Qatar and offering to send these terrorists more taxpayer money in the guise of “humanitarian assistance?”

Price capped off his statement saying that the Taliban’s discussions with the US delegation “were candid and professional,” adding that the dopes from the State Department reminded the Taliban that they would be judged on their actions, not just their words.

Say, how about you do not send them millions in “humanitarian aid” until after you judge their actions?

Does the Biden State Department really think that laying the honey on thick by praising how “candid and professional” these bloodthirsty thugs are will make these guys any less bloodthirsty?

While these “candid and professional” discussions were going on, the Taliban was hanging people from cranes back in Afghanistan.

But this isn’t even the first time the Biden administration complimented the pack of monsters US servicemen fought against for nearly two decades.

Last month, National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne showered on the compliments, calling the Taliban “businesslike and professional.”

The “businesslike” talking point must have made the rounds in the White House because press secretary Jen Psaki last month also described the Taliban that way.

But all their toothless “demands” and compliments aren’t changing the facts on the ground. The Taliban is still excluding women and girls. They’re going house-to-house to search for and kill those Afghans who worked with us during the war. And recently, the Taliban said it will not work with the United States in its fight against ISIS.