Staff reveals why governor was admitted to hospital after negative COVID tests

( )- New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s office has revealed after he was admitted to hospital on Friday with flu-like symptoms that he was suffering a bleeding ulcer. The governor’s chief of staff explained how he was suffering flu-like symptoms for two days before his hospitalization, and after testing negative for COVID-19, doctors discovered a bleeding ulcer.

Jayne Millerick added that the governor had received a blood transfusion and is “doing much better.” She added that he had expressed his gratitude to Portsmouth Hospital for their “outstanding care” and to every person who donates blood.

No information was provided about Governor Millerick’s expected recovery time.

The Republican governor postponed meetings and began isolating after noticing the fly-like symptoms, and announced that he had woke up with the illness. He took two rapid antigen tests and one PCR test, which all came back negative.

On Sunday, Governor Sununu announced that he had been discharged from the hospital.

The 46-year-old governor is fully vaccinated with the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, though if President Joe Biden’s plan to require Americans to take additional vaccines eight months after being considered “fully vaccinated” now, it could be just a matter of months before Sununu is no longer considered fully vaccinated and could be discriminated against by businesses and federal agencies implementing mask mandates.

Republican State Senate President Chuck Morse wished the governor a quick recovery, expressing the feelings of the entire Senate.

It looks like Governor Sununu is on the mend.