Stacy Abrams Forced To Delete Photo Of Her Not Wearing Mask Around Muzzled Children

( )- Stacey Abrams, a Democrat running for governor in Georgia yet again, made quite the gaffe recently when she was photographed at a school while not wearing a mask.

The children she was posing alongside of, though, were fully masked.

The photo came out on Sunday, and almost immediately after it was published, people slammed Abrams for her hypocrisy. Ultra-liberals such as Abrams have pushed COVID-19 mitigation measures like wearing masks, yet another one of their own isn’t even following their own advice.

Abrams isn’t the only prominent member of the party who has been photographed skirting their own COVID-19 protocols or advice. California Governor Gavin Newsom, for instance, was photographed without a mask in close proximity to others at an NFL game last week.

Photos like these are leading people to say Abrams is part of the “Democratic elite” who vouch for masks and other measures but then don’t follow them.

Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp — who is running for re-election against Abrams — took to Twitter to respond to the photo. He wrote:

“Stacey Abrams wants state government mask mandates for Georgians and their children. But it looks like they wouldn’t apply when she’s attending a photo opp.”

In the photo, Abrams is pictured sitting on the floor without a mask. Right beside her, well within six feet, are at least 15 children — all of whom are wearing masks. More than 20 other children are pictured wearing masks in the background, along with more than 10 adults who are all also wearing masks — despite being well beyond six feet of Abrams.

The photo looks as if the school has a mask mandate in place, yet apparently that doesn’t apply to Democratic candidates for governor.

Many other Twitter users pointed out that Abrams has severe risk factors to COVID-19, meaning she should be extra careful when she’s around others.

Caleb Hull, the former director of content for Targeted Victory who currently works for Ballistic Social, tweeted:

“Stacey Abrams, who is obese and in the high risk category, not wearing a mask while children, who are in the lowest risk category, are all masked just about sums this whole pandemic up.”

Dinesh D’Souza, a filmmaker and author who hosts the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, tweeted:

“The kids are all wearing masks, while the morbidly obese Stacey Abrams grins unmasked. This image encapsulates the cruelty and hypocrisy of the Covid era.”

Even Donald Trump Jr. got into the mix, tweeting:

“Why is the one person who’s truly at risk of COVID-19 infection the only one not wearing a mask? Trust the science!!!”

Abrams’ campaign tried to respond to all the criticism, but, as usual, the response was so far off base. Her campaign’s statement read:

“It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack. And it is pitiful and predictable that our opponents continue to look for opportunities to distract from their failed records when it comes to protecting public health during the pandemic.”