Spotify CEO Refuses To Take Down Joe Rogan, Will Defend Free Speech

( )- The controversy over Joe Rogan’s podcast isn’t just angering the corporate media and the Democrats in Washington. It’s also brewing within Spotify itself, with employees voicing their objections to him as well.

Last week, Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek told his butt-hurt employees that virtues like tolerance are paramount to the company and it is not Spotify’s place to “dictate the discourse” of Rogan’s show.

During a company townhall last week, Ek said while he strongly disagrees with many of the things on Rogan’s show, achieving Spotify’s “bold ambitions” means including content “that many of us may not be proud to be associated with.”

Ek explained that this doesn’t mean “anything goes,” only that there will be some podcasts that include opinions or ideas some people won’t agree with “and even makes us angry or sad.” But, he added, Rogan’s show is “the top podcast in 93 markets” making it “impossible to ignore its scale and reach.”

After the Left’s coordinated effort to drive Rogan off the air over so-called “COVID misinformation” wasn’t working as well as they hoped, they tried another tactic – finding clips from old podcasts where Rogan used the N-word.

But this is what the Left does, isn’t it? When all else fails, accuse him of racism.

Within no time, it was reported that over one hundred episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” had been removed from Spotify and people began accusing Spotify of caving to the Left and censoring Rogan.

On Saturday, Rogan issued a second apology, this time for the instances when he used the N-word.

And on Sunday, faced with another uproar over Rogan’s alleged “racist” comments, Ek sent a letter to company employees apologizing over the “racism” controversy and reiterating his opposition to getting rid of Rogan, saying he didn’t believe “silencing Joe is the answer.”

In his letter, Ek confirmed that it wasn’t Spotify that removed those episodes. Instead, Ek said after talking with Spotify about the “racially insensitive language” in some of his podcasts, it was Joe Rogan who chose to remove them.