Southwest CEO Tests Positive for COVID After Testifying to Congress

( )- Following his testimony to the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly tested positive for COVID-19.

Southwest confirmed Kelly’s positive test on Friday, saying he had been fully vaccinated and had also received a booster shot. According to a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, Kelly’s symptoms are “very mild” and he was resting at home.

During last week’s hearing, Kelly argued against the use of masks for air travel, pointing out that the advanced air filtration on planes captures airborne pathogens making air travel far safer than other indoor settings.

Airplanes may be safe, but clearly, the Senate is not.

Over the weekend, Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker announced they too had tested positive for COVID-19. Like Gary Kelly, both Warren and Booker are fully vaccinated and boosted.

Warren tweeted the news on Sunday, saying she is regularly tested for COVID and while she tested negative last week, on Sunday she tested positive. The Massachusetts Senator said her symptoms are mild and expressed gratitude “for the protection provided” from being both “vaccinated and boosted.”

Several hours later, Senator Booker released a statement confirming he tested positive for COVID, adding that he is experiencing only mild symptoms. Like Warren, Booker confirmed that he is fully vaccinated and recently received a booster shot. He also encouraged people to get vaccinated and receive a booster shot if they are eligible.

As more and more fully vaccinated and boosted people contract COVID, President Biden continues to peddle the lie that only the unvaccinated are at risk.

Over the weekend, the odious Dr. Anthony Fauci was peddling more doom and gloom about the omicron variant, claiming without evidence that omicron may drive another surge in hospitalizations and deaths in the US.

However, on Friday, Bloomberg reported that South Africa has seen a 91 percent reduction in hospitalizations from omicron compared to those from the delta variant. Nineteen percent of delta cases resulted in hospitalization, whereas only 1.7 percent of omicron cases have been hospitalized.