Slate Says Stop Wearing Masks Outdoors

( )- The lunacy of requiring Americans to wear masks outdoors, even when vaccinated, has started to become apparent to left-wing media outlets.

Despite Dr. Anthony Fauci continually telling Americans to keep their masks on outdoors, Slate has had enough.

“It’s About Time for Us to Stop Wearing Masks Outside,” a Slate piece from last week said.

The outlet is not only going up against Dr. Anthony Fauci, but even their beloved President Joe Biden. The 78-year-old president, who was among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine developed courtesy of President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, continually wears a mask while outdoors.

Sometimes the president is even spotted wearing two masks, for some reason.

So for Slate to stand up and say enough is enough, is a big deal. It’s also an indication that the rules might be about to change – because if it’s not just Republicans saying it, people may be less terrified to admit that it doesn’t make any sense.

“For a while now, this has felt a little unnecessary, if understandable, given that we were still learning things about the virus and were trying to be as careful as possible,” senior editor Shannon Palus wrote. “But now, as we’ve come to know more about the virus, as vaccinations are ramping up, and as we’re trying to figure out how to live with some level of COVID in a sustainable way, masking up outside when you’re at most briefly crossing paths with people is starting to feel barely understandable.”

Palus covered her back by saying that she not only agrees with wearing masks but also agrees with shaming people who don’t wear masks.

Of course.

““Look: I believe masks (and even shaming) are indispensable in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Despite early waffling, public health experts are virtually unanimously in support of them and have remained so even as our early dedication to scrubbing surfaces and Cloroxing veggies wound down,” she added.

To be extra safe, Palus cited an opinion piece from infectious diseases physician Zain Chagla, from McMaster University, who said that the outdoor gatherings people enjoyed last summer coincided with an all-time low of cases of COVID-19 in the city. The message from Chagla was to wear a mask in indoor crowds or hanging out in close quarters with somebody outside, but being outside generally – and away from people – is perfectly safe.

You can read the full piece here. It’s an interesting move by the left, but at some point, Democrats have to get mad about wearing masks unnecessarily, too.