Ships Reportedly “Hijacked By Iranian Forces”

( )- Iranian-backed forces are believed to be responsible for a seized oil tanker in the Gulf off the coast of the United Arab Emirates last Tuesday.

After Britain’s maritime trade agency reported of a “potential hijack,” Iran’s senior armed forces spokesman Abolfazl Shekarchi denounced the report, claiming it was nothing more than “psychological warfare” to set the stage for “new bouts of adventurism.”

Two separate maritime sources identified the seized vessel as the Asphalt Princess, a Panama-flagged asphalt/bitumen tanker in the Arabian Sea leading to the Strait of Hormuz.

State Department officials confirm that they are concerned about the incident and looking into the reports, adding that it was too early to make a judgment on the incident. Meanwhile, the UK, which isn’t turning a blind eye to Iranian aggression in order to get them to negotiate Obama’s idiotic nuclear deal, took a much more direct approach. The British foreign ministry said that it was “urgently investigating” the incident.

This potential hijacking comes closely on the heels of an attack against an Israeli-managed tanker off the coast of Oman in late July that killed two crew members. Iran has denied any involvement in that attack, however, Israeli officials presented evidence to the UN Security Council last week showing that the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ UAV Command was behind the attack.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) initially issued a warning notice based on a third-party source that there had been a “potential hijack,” and advised ships in the area 60 nautical miles east of UAE’s Fujairah emirate to exercise extreme caution.

The Times of London confirmed reports of the hijacking of the Asphalt Princess and said UK officials were “working on the assumption Iranian military or proxies boarded the vessel.”

Naturally, Iran’s foreign ministry dismisses all of these maritime incidents claiming the reports were “suspicious” and warning against any effort to generate a “false atmosphere” against Tehran. But, really, what else would Iran say?

Meanwhile, US officials are privately saying that while they are watching the situation closely, they do not expect any kind of military response on the part of the US.