Sharon Osbourne Wants $900,000 Refund From ‘Scam’ BLM

( )- Sharon Osbourne is demanding that Black Lives Matter return the money she donated to the organization, and she claims that she agrees with Kanye West’s assessment that BLM is a “scam.”

According to TMZ, reporters approached Sharon when she was doing her shopping at Yves Saint Laurent on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. They wanted to know her thoughts on the “White Lives Matter” meme for which West has been criticized. Osbourne said she had no clue what the message was supposed to convey.

Osbourne says she doesn’t understand it. It’s not her thing. It’s not her culture. “I don’t understand any of it,” Osbourne said.

The reporter then pressed Osbourne to comment on Ye’s comment that BLM is a “scam.”

The video captures her saying, “Oh well, we contributed $900,000 to it, and I’d want my money back!”

Osbourne remarked that she wished she had more information on BLM before giving them her money. “I really wish he could have mentioned it earlier,” she said.

Regarding the message sent by West’s now-famous “White Lives Matter” shirt, Osbourne is unclear about what West is trying to say, but she is certain about what she believes.

Osbourne told TMZ she doesn’t see why white lives don’t matter.

Later on, Osbourne was questioned about whether or not she thought West needed “help” or whether or not he should be “canceled” as a direct consequence of his message.

“Nope,” was her response.

Osbourne also offered some words of wisdom to listeners who do not support Kanye West or disagree with his opinions.

“Do not visit his social media accounts, and do not listen to any of his songs. Just get out of there now! According to TMZ, Osbourne told the publication that people should “let him do what he does” and “if you don’t like him, do that, leave him alone.”

After that, Osbourne was questioned about her belief that Adidas would actually sever their relations with West. This was in response to a statement issued by Adidas on Thursday, which said that the company’s relationship with the rapper and business mogul was “under review.”

Osbourne told TMZ that their connections will not be severed because “they make too much money from it.”