Shakira Attempts to Recover Millions Lost in Tax Fraud Legal Battle

Due to insufficient evidence, Spain suspended its investigation against the Colombian music star Shakira’s suspected tax cheating.

In July, Spanish authorities began investigating Shakira on suspicion that she had evaded €6.6 million in taxes due in 2018 by using a web of shell companies and offshore tax havens. 

Shakira claims that she relocated to Spain in 2015. 

As of August, Shakira has already settled her debts with the Spanish government.

The court was informed that in the absence of evidence, investigators respectfully request the dismissal of the criminal charges against the pop artist, 

Even though Shakira’s tax return had some “irregularities,” the court ruled that the evidence did not constitute a criminal offense against the tax authorities and threw out the case, declaring that Shakira had not intended to defraud the Spanish government.

Following her compelled payment of £50 million in tax losses, Shakira is planning to recover some of that money.

After losing six separate tax “fraud” cases in Spain, the Colombian music star’s wealth crumbled.

She has an upcoming administrative case related to her 2011 earnings. The Spanish government claims she was subjected to taxes as a Spanish resident then.

Her lawyer, Miriam Company, said that Shakira only spent around 70 days in Spain that year – not even half the minimum to be considered a tax resident,

To avoid a trial in Barcelona on allegations that she did not pay £12.7 million in Spanish income tax from 2012 to 2014, Shakira settled with prosecutors in November, the most recent tax hearing.

As part of the settlement, she admitted guilt and agreed to pay a fine equal to half of the over £6.3 million in debt.

To avoid a three-year jail term, she also accepted a supplementary fine of 300,000.

Shakira has had only one number-one hit. In 2006, she was at the top of the charts in multiple countries with the song “Hips Don’t Lie.”