Seven People Arrested Over Unruly, Illegal Sideshow in San Jose

On Monday, San Jose police revealed that they have apprehended seven individuals in connection with a chaotic and unlawful sideshow.

The San Jose Police Department initially announced the arrests of two suspects, but they have now updated that number.

An incident occurred on the evening of June 15 at the intersection of South Winchester Boulevard and Olin Avenue. An illegal performance car collided with an onlooker as the event was underway. A uniformed reserve officer came to the scene to help the injured. But the police said the officer couldn’t approach the unconscious spectator because aggressive onlookers encircled his patrol car.

The individuals climbed onto the patrol vehicle, forcefully stomping on the windshield, striking the side windows, and trying to open the doors forcefully. According to officials, the officer was threatened by at least one suspect who claimed to have knives. The officer suffered only minor injuries as a result of the incident. The spectator sustained injuries that were not life-threatening.

The scene was abandoned by all the suspects, who quickly fled. Investigators successfully identified the suspect responsible for striking the spectator with his vehicle as 24-year-old Aidan Rheault of Sunnyvale.

Police have located other persons they believe may be involved. Some of these people include Matthew Nolan, Jason Auby, Gabe Durbin, Jason and Sean Auby, and Tyler Durbin. The arrest of a juvenile was also noted.

Authorities are employing a range of resources, including license plate readers, social media, and footage from body-worn cameras, to track down and capture individuals. In addition, data science is being utilized to monitor sideshow trends, while a partnership with the University of Chicago Crime Lab is being leveraged to establish effective strategies for addressing them.

We are making it abundantly clear in San Jose that we have zero tolerance for sideshows. We have enacted laws that clearly demonstrate this. According to San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan, promoting or spectating at sideshows is illegal, not just being the one driving the vehicle.

It is hoped that the arrests and felony charges will deter sideshows from occurring in San Jose.