Serial Squatter Arrested After Attacking Cop

In North Carolina, a lady previously evicted for squatting in 2015 is claimed to have struck a police officer during her latest eviction last week.

Police removed Ninti El-Bey, who had been served with an eviction notice ordering her to leave her east Charlotte house by April 2022, and arrested her last week after she hit an officer in the eye while being removed.

According to the residents, el-Bey, 50, allegedly terrorized the neighborhood for weeks.

According to neighbor Mike Kowalski, she goes around the neighborhood with a bullhorn screaming at people to get off her indigenous property. He said that she would use a witch’s cauldron in the back.

El-Bey allegedly hid inside the house and assaulted a police officer in the face when they tried to take her into custody. After being pepper sprayed, she hid in a closet until the cops came and arrested her.

The neighbor said maybe that’s the thing that finally got her. She did a dumb thing to swing at a cop.

Kowalski also mentioned that El-Bey had previously splashed oil on his house and given him the middle finger. A second neighbor said that El-Bey splashed oil on her house and family members.

According to another neighbor, Katy Ascencio Flores, the woman threatened her with death if she didn’t leave.

El-Bey was taken into custody on Thursday with counts of first-degree trespassing, assault on a government employee, and resisting a public officer, according to court documents. 

In 2015, El-Bey and seven other individuals occupied a 5,200-square-foot property in the affluent neighborhood of Piper Glen. El-Bey claimed that she was exempt from complying with state law as a Moorish foreign citizen.

The last foreclosed property owned by El-Bey stood in a cul-de-sac and had a tax value of just over $800,000. She reportedly enrolled her children in school and picked them up from the bus stop as soon as she moved in.

According to reports, El-Bey sued the police for crimes against indigenous people in connection with the prior residence from which she was forcibly evicted.