Serial Predator Feared As Multiple Women Are Attacked

The actor Alec Baldwin has previously been extremely open about his progressive personal political opinions and is no supporter of the second amendment or a relaxation of gun rights. Indeed, in the past, Baldwin had frequently railed against the NRA and gun rights activists. In 2018, Baldwin had been part of a movement to reduce the NRA’s power and lobbying influence in federal politics. He had also openly posted tweets on Twitter (now known as X) over many years engaging in inflammatory dialogue with NRA leaders. Baldwin claimed in 2018 that Dana Loesch, a former NRA spokesperson did not care about deaths he believed to be caused by the second amendment. He also openly called for the revision of the amendment and the limitation of the rights of individuals to own firearms.

Ironically, and tragically, despite these open sentiments, Baldwin was the center of controversy in 2021 after he accidentally and fatally shot Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust”. Prosecutors still seek charges against Baldwin, and a recent report has alleged they are going to “re-charge” him. On October 17th, prosecutors in New Mexico stated on Tuesday that they will recharge Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter. The case will be delivered before a grand jury in November according to a special prosecutor.

While Baldwin made a horrific mistake, he is by no means a serial killer or intentional murderer or assaulter. This cannot be said to be true for one individual who has allegedly been roaming the campus of the University of Arizona. Reportedly, a heavy Hispanic man wearing jeans and an orange shirt attacked three young women over a week’s span. The women were groped, followed, and almost captured. This comes as no surprise; the southern border is wide open, and tens of thousands of illegals are crossing by the day. With no way to vet them, it is predictable that those with ill intentions are present.