Serial Killer Confesses To String Of Murders

A guy wanted in Brazil for 16 years in connection with the deaths of 14 people has been captured. The murderer has confessed.

Renato Teixeira, 35, was arrested on Wednesday in the Sao Paulo suburb of Franco de Rocha and sent to jail.

When questioned at the police station, Teixeira confessed that he was only responsible for nine of the killings at most. On his way out of the building, however, he changed his tale to a reporter from Record TV and acknowledged being responsible for 14 deaths.

The investigators say he was a prostitute who met three victims between 2020 and 2022 using dating apps before killing them. Where exactly he traveled on this journey is a mystery.

He met a female victim in Pirutuba and two male victims in So Bernardo and Santo André, both in So Paulo.

Teixeira used a fake identity, “Bruno,” on the dating apps and repeatedly solicited money or sexual favors from his victims.

So Bernardo’s police chief Roberto Krasovic has told the media that Teixeira attacked the women he had romantic feelings for with knives or poisoned them if they rejected him.

According to Krasovic, the criminal would not accept the response “no” and would keep looking for other victims even after committing the crimes. It was impossible to tell him “no” because he wouldn’t accept a “no.”

Giuliano Rossi, a deputy police chief, said that the murderer’s weapon was knives, some of which were up to 6 inches long.

His division’s police chief, Kelly César, called him a “psychopath.”

She said, “He goes into such detail about the type of knife he preferred to use; it is astounding how cold he is when describing the crimes.”

The death of Mário Marchiani, 60, in the Sao Bernardo rental home he was staying in on December 3, 2022, led authorities to suspect Teixeira.

After waiting three days, he texted the property owner’s husband to inform him that he had killed Marchiani and hidden the corpse.

The victim’s corpse had already begun decomposing when the Military Police arrived to investigate the home.