Senator Sinema Wears Denim Vest In Senate Chamber

( )- Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who upon entering the Senate in 2019 was often praised for her quirky fashion sense, sparked a bit of an online furor this week when she presided over the Senate wearing a denim vest.

C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art posted a brief video to Twitter showing Sinema seated at the presiding table in a black T-shirt and the offending denim vest. The video, which instantly went viral, has been viewed over five million times.

And all the same people who couldn’t get enough of Sinema’s fashion choices before she became an obstacle to President Biden’s ridiculous $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” bill, expressed disgust that a sitting Senator would show such a lack of decorum while presiding over the Senate.

Huffy Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty quote-tweeted the video and with “well-I-never” frustration, wanted to know if the sign forbidding journalists from wearing denim in the Senate or House chambers was still in place.

Her colleague, reporter Paul Kane, replied to her tweet by posting a photo of the sign in question which forbids the wearing of overcoats, hats, purses, bags, as well as denim, within the Senate chamber.

Really, people, get over yourselves.

The shrieking harpies from The View even sneered and complained about it on Thursday.

CNN Trump-hater Ana Navarro told her fellow kvetching hens that Sinema looked like Schneider from the old TV series “One Day at a Time.” She said that her issue with Sinema’s clothing choices wasn’t about gender or a desire to call out another woman for her clothing. Instead, Navarro said that her problem with the denim vest was about professionalism and decorum. Whining that there is a dress code in the Senate, Navarro said that Sinema owes it to the American people to “show some respect” to the institution.

But then, co-host Joy Behar got to what really bugged them about Sinema. It wasn’t her clothing choice, “it’s the way she votes!”

And there’s the nub of the matter. If Sinema was still the darling of the Left, these same harpies would be praising her ballsy, devil-may-care attitude and fashion sense. But because she won’t bend to the demands of the so-called “progressives,” they suddenly pretend to care about “decorum.”