Senator Kennedy Delivers Brutal Abortion Reality Check

Last week, an abortionist was forced to admit that abortions kill unborn children after Senator John Kennedy (R.LA) pressed him on the issue.

Caitlin Meyers, a professor at Middlebury College who is also an abortion supporter, agreed with the Louisiana senator’s claim during a Senate Budget Committee Hearing on February 28.

Kennedy asked Myers about the claim, and Myers refused to say that an unborn baby in the womb was a baby. Kennedy said, “There is no economic justice because the baby is dead.” Right?”

Myers again refused to answer the question directly and expressed confusion by saying, “I don’t know how to respond to your question.” I would call it a fetus.

Kennedy asked, “Is the child dead or alive?” Myers insisted, “We are referring to a fetus.” Kennedy repeated her question: “Is the fetus alive or dead after an abortion?” She finally said, “The fetus will be dead after an abortion.”

Kennedy went on to describe a standard method of abortion after 20 weeks for a baby and countered the argument of a woman who had to travel out of the state to get an abortion on her baby at 21 weeks. At this stage, when the baby can feel pain, the abortion procedure involves live dismemberment of the womb and its extraction, piece by piece, with the final step being the crushing and removal of the skull.

This brutal method, also known as “dilation and evacuation” or “D&E,” is used for approximately 95 percent of abortions in the second trimester.

Kennedy began to describe what abortion advocates were lobbying for on the panel, but Democrat Senators interrupted him in the middle. They denounced Kennedy’s description of the procedure while defending such a process as a “right” for “economic justice” or success for American women.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-IA, supported Kennedy’s defense of the unborn and life. In his opening remarks, Grassley emphasized that viewing abortion from an economic perspective is “dehumanizing,” insisting on the fact that “life is precious.” He also brought up China’s one-child policy, which has led to the genocide against girls. He said that this atrocity was committed in the name of “economics.”

Grassley stated, “We’re tackling a serious topic this morning.” “Abortion is, first and foremost, a moral issue. Abortion cannot be viewed solely from an economic perspective. “Life is worth more than money.”

He continued, “There is a reason why this committee hasn’t looked into this issue in the past.” This topic is not a budget issue that can be easily reduced to dollars and cents.

Yes, raising and having children is expensive. Abortion on demand and a culture that does not respect life are also costs. Here we are. I’m pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman. These views do not conflict.