Secret Service Would Accompany Trump To Prison, Judge Says

A veteran US judge warned Sky News that Secret Service members would accompany former President Donald Trump to prison.

Former Pennsylvania judge Joseph Cosgrove told Sky News on Tuesday that federal agents must guard the former President if he is incarcerated.

Cosgrove served on the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas for the Eleventh Judicial District and the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Cosgrove said that the fact that the secret service would follow him wherever he goes gives off an extremely weird image.

He said to imagine the worst-case scenario for Mr. Trump- he is sentenced to prison.

Trump would be detained alongside his secret service agents if sentenced to prison.

According to Judge Cosgrove, Trump’s agents must “guard him at whatever cost” since past presidents are guaranteed Secret Service protection for life.

It would be unprecedented in American history to figure out how a former president is protected while doing time in prison.

The investigation into Trump’s alleged $130,000 hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels resulted in an indictment from a grand jury in Manhattan on Thursday.

He has always said he is innocent.

In November, former Secret Service officers told Insider’s Robin Bravender and Dave Levinthal that agents would likely accompany Trump to jail if he got there for whatever reason.

A former Secret Service officer assured that no agent would be locked up in the same cell as Trump but that at least one agent would be present on the premises for security purposes.

Trump “definitely would not be part of the average population,” a veteran FBI special agent assured.

According to experts, a fine, community service, or probation are more probable outcomes than any kind of prison sentence for Trump.

Two sources have informed CNN that Trump faces more than 30 charges connected to corporate fraud, and an insider has told Insider that the indictment is a felony.