Secret Service Was Notified On January 5th By Trump’s People

( )- In an interview on CNN last week, former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short admitted that he alerted the Secret Service about the security threat to Pence the day before the January 6 riot.

Host Wolf Blitzer brought up details from the select committee about Trump’s supposed reaction to people chanting “Hang Mike Pence. According to Liz Cheney, Trump allegedly suggested Pence deserved to be hanged.

When asked by Blitzer when he discovered that, Short said he knows what the committee said, but he isn’t convinced that it happened. He said the former president denied ever saying it, adding that he doesn’t give credence to the reports.

Blitzer asked Short about the New York Times report claiming that on January 5, Short warned Pence’s Secret Service chief of a possible “security risk” to Mike Pence. According to the Times, Marc Short feared that Trump was going to turn on Pence and that could likely endanger Pence.

Blitzer asked Short if the Times’ claim was true and at first, Short avoided answering the question, opting instead to praise the Secret Service team for protecting Pence on January 6. He also praised the members of the US Capitol Police for their heroism during the riot, despite being “woefully unprepared.”

Finally Short said he did talk to Pence’s lead agent on January 5 when it “became clear that the private disagreements” between Trump and Pence “were about to become far more public.”

Short said with thousands of people expected in Washington the following day “with hopes of a different outcome,” he thought it was important that the Secret Service “be alerted to that.” He added that he had no “specific intelligence,” nor did he have any foreknowledge that the Capitol was going to be attacked. Instead, he wanted to warn the Secret Service that the private disputes were “about to become a much more public disagreement” when Trump publicly aired them at the rally.

Blitzer asked if former Vice President Pence believed Trump “was endangering him by his remarks?” Short said Pence “felt secure” with his Secret Service detail, adding that none of them anticipated what happened at the Capitol on January 6.